Smile of My Son

In this picture is my son. His name is Felix Oksandro Bagaskara Tivian. Usually called Andro. I love him very much. He is my first son.
I don’t have a plan to give him a sister or a brother yet. I think for a while it’s enough have one son.
Andro is very active child. He always running everywhere around our house. He always sings a song or more songs he likes. His age is 27 months or 2 years more 3 months. He was born on October, 10th, 2007.
I like when Andro smile. Very cute. He always cheers and seldom sad. I am very glad to be his mother. He makes my life so complete, wonderful and always happines. He always makes me laughing and enjoy my life. Andro teaches me many things with his spirit and his innocention.

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